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Valle Azule Family Mexican Restaurant

Oak Harbor WA

705 se pioneer way, oak harbor wa 98277
lunch & dinner

Valle Azul Family Mexican Restaurant

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Rating: 62
Price: $$$

Valle Azul was the first Mexican place Sergey and I visited on our Victoria-San Francisco bicycle trip. It's a small place in downtown Oak Harbor. It had a few favorable reviews on Yelp and we didn't want to bike back uphill to a BBQ restaurant, so we settled into Valle Azul. First and foremost, they brought out chips and salsa and kept them refilled throughout the waiting process, which is an excellent feature when you've been biking all morning and don't feel like another granola bar.

I ordered an asada tacos plate, which came with 3 asada tacos, refried beans, and rice. Sergey got the adobada plate, with the same sides. The tacos themselves were garnished but, unfortunately, not accompanied by limes. My asada was delicious, some of the best steak I'd ever had. It had a subtly smoky and peppery flavor and was perfectly cooked in nice long strips. I tried a bit of Sergey's adobada and it was also good, though not as carefully flavored.The tortillas had a weird, gummy texture, as though they had been frozen and unfrozen for our meal. The refried beans were boring, as though 'fresh out of the can', and the rice was standard sit-down restaurant fare. On the whole, this place would benefit from improving the taco constituents surrounding the meat, and you would benefit from just ordering an asada plate.

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