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Torchy's Tacos (Trailer Park)

Austin TX (78704)

1311 s 1st st, austin TX 78799
mon-thurs 7am-10pm, fri 7am-11pm, sat 8am-11pm, sun 8am-10pm


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Rating: 89
Price: $$$

I recently got a new co-worker who, in addition to being totally awesome, is a native Texan and ex-attendee/employee of the University of Texas in Austin. As we got to "talkin' taco" (I think that's what the kids call it nowadays) she raved about the concept and Austin's implementation of the breakfast taco. "Eggs and other stuff, wrapped in a flour tortilla," she said, "they are good." (paraphrased for brevity). As soon as she emitted the first phoneme of 'eggs', I was convinced. When I got a free trip down to Austin recently, I knew I had to take business advisor Adrienne's advice and try some breakfast tacos.

My gracious host and business associate Richard, fortunately, is a breakfast taco devotee. My first morning in town, after starving myself sufficiently to really appreciate it, we headed out his favorite taco-dispensary, Torchy's Tacos. It's got multiple locations around Austin, but the one we went to was called the 'Trailer Park' - it's located in a dirt parking lot with a few other food trailers and plenty of picnic tables and grackles for seating and amusement, respectively.

My commitment to breakfast tacos narrowed down my options considerably. While you can start with a base and add a lot of different stuff, I went for 3 tacos: 1 Migas (eggs cooked with corn tortilla strips, green chiles, avocado, pico de gallo, cheese); 1 Monk Special (eggs cooked with bacon, green chilis, cheese); and 1 Fried Avocado (a non-breakfast taco containing breaded & fried avocado, refried beans, pico de gallo, and lettuce). There must have been some sort of malfunction with the taco-producing robot because, soon after we ordered, they stopped bringing out tacos for about 15 minutes. We occasionally saw people running in and out of the truck frantically (none spattered with blood, fortunately) and eventually they started cranking out the food again.

When the food arrived, it was delicious, though they accidentally gave me a egg-potato-cheese taco instead of my Monk Special. The basic egg-potato-cheese breakfast taco was a nice combination. Though the flavor of the potato was masked mostly by the eggs, this is a cheap and hearty option for hungry breakfasters. The Migas taco was delicious. There was a nice heap of cheese topping things off, I'm a huge green chile enthusiast, and the tortilla strips cooked into the eggs are a great idea. Both of these came with a small container of red salsa. It was a bit tangy and a had hints of spiciness but overall did not add much to the experience.

The final taco, fried avocado, was another new experience for me. Frying the avocados in batter added a slightly sour and sharp flavor which complemented the subtleness of the eggs and avocado nicely. This taco was served with ranch sauce, which I consider a mistake - I found myself wishing I had saved some of my meager salsa ration from the previous two tacos to put onto the fried avocado.

Overall, the food at Torchy's would be hard to beat. They need to repair quite a few logistical problems, however - super long wait to get the food (though business associate Richard said it was atypical), extremely skimpy on the salsa distribution (and a weak salsa at that), and controversial use of ranch dressing.

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