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Tehuitzingo Deli & Grocery

New York NY (Hell's Kitchen)

695 10th ave (btwn. 47th & 48th st), new york ny 10036
daily 8am-midnight

Agua Verde

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Rating: 86
Price: $$$

On the recommendation of some friends, Adam and Ben, I recently made my way west to Hell's Kitchen to try out some purportedly top-notch tacos. Tehuitzingo, like Zaragosa, is a small taqueria located within a Mexican grocery store. In my experience thus far, these sorts of places have the best tacos (and best deals on tacos) in NY. Tehuitzingo is a bit larger than Zaragosa, and has a much more pleasantly decorated eating area. The atmosphere is very pleasant, laid-back, and mirrored. You can eat and rest, as there is little worry your enemies will sneak up behind you while you sit.

Taco-wise, I ordered 3: 1 asada, 1 chicken, and 1 goat (barbacoa) on the recommendation of Adam. We got them to go, because we had other important business to take care of that evening (watching Apocalypto), and efficiency was (as always) the order of the day. They pack the tacos in an awesome little aluminum tray with a clear plastic lid, which would totally be reusable for storage of things like macaroni 'n' cheese in the future.

Once we got back to Adam's and set up the projector, we dug into the tacos. While they had cooled a bit by then, they were still warm, moist, and pliable. The tortillas themselves were very good but didn't seem handmade. The meats varied in quality, though all three of them were shredded and fried, rather than cubed and marinated. I started out with the pollo, which was a bit tough and didn't have much flavor. Reports from Fred indicate that this phenomenon was not localized to my taco, but rather a problem for all their chicken. Next up was the carne asada which was also a bit dry, though had a nice mild spicing that went well with lime. The goat/barbacoa was mild, smoky, and a real good time.

Salsa-wise, there were two options: red and green. The red was smoky to the extreme - perhaps it could even be classified as super-smoky - which generally isn't my favorite. However, it went well on the barbacoa after we ran out of the delicious, delicious green salsa. The green was a slightly spicy, maximally flavorful blend that went great on everything. Definitely request extra if you're ordering to-go.

Overall, based on the strong praise of Adam and Ben, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt that taking the food to-go caused a few of the meat problems I experienced. At Zaragosa, I had one great meat (pollo) and one weak meat (beef) - whereas at Tehuitzingo there were three pretty standard meats. On all non-meat issues (salsa and tortillas I guess) Tehuitzingo is a clear winner, and definitely worth a visit. Stop by if you're in the neighborhood!

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