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Taqueria Tijuana

Elkhart IN

800 prairie st, elkhart IN 46516

Taqueria Tijuana

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Rating: 87
Price: $

Taqueria Tijuana has a fairly sketchy-looking storefront, with grating over the windows and a parking lot full of cracks and garbage. Fortunately, the grating seemed to be more for people afraid to enter the restaurant, as the inside was very pleasant. I got 2 pollo and 1 asada to go and enjoyed them in the parking lot. They were classic and delicious tacos, featuring double corn tortillas, cilantro, onion, with a squeeze of lime and a side of salsa. The asada was nicely seasoned (though a bit crunchy for my tastes) but the chicken was excellent, large strips cooked quite tenderly. The green salsa was also spicy and flavorful. Highly recommended next time you are driving on I-80! In fact, Elkhart seemed like a very pleasant town overall.

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