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Taqueria San Jose

San Francisco CA

2830 mission st, san francisco CA 94110
sun-wed 8am-12am, fri-sat 8am-4am

Taqueria San Jose

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Rating: 88
Price: $$

While just down the street from the more renowned El Farolito, Taqueria San Jose has built up a miniature empire of 3 locations. I went to the original, near the 24th and Mission BART, with a friend on his recommendation (I'd already been to El Farolito). As it's in the Mission, I was morally obligated to get a burrito (I went with Al Pastor) but I also wanted to try out a taco to see how they compared - 1 carne asada, coming up!

The restaurant itself is very well-decorated with a couple murals and colorful signs, as well as nice seats by the windows. Prices were not cheap but also not unreasonable for one of the most expensive cities in the US, and there were dozens of meat options, as well as a salsa bar of good repute. The carne asada was delicious - well-seasoned and tender without any annoying gristle or burned parts. The tortillas were mild, but it worked well thanks to the salsa bar, which had a delicious (and spicy) green salsa to go with a spicy, smoky red. Overall the asada taco was a textbook example of a bunch of well-made ingredients working together to make a delicious taco.

While this site generally ignores and scoffs at burritos as a lesser food form (though more convenient on the go), as a Mission restaurant the burrito should be mentioned. The al pastor was overly greasy without much flavor, and the rice/bean content was far too low for a the meat they packed in there. Overall, if I were to return to Taqueria San Jose, I'd allow my taco/burrito ratio to approach infinity.

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