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Taqueria Moran

Chicago IL

2226 n california ave, chicago IL 60647
daily 6am-10pm

Taqueria Moran

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Rating: 82
Price: $$

As any enjoyer-of-tacos would know, if you’re looking for tacos in Chicago, Logan Park is the place to go. Of all the options, I ended up going to Taqueria Moran on the corner of Milwaukee and California. They’re a nice small place with a friendly staff, ample chips and salsa, and delicious pickled vegetables. Tacos are pretty good prices for a city ($1.75 each) and the food tasted fine. Carne asada had a good marinade, chicken was mediocre, and the salsa options were all good but not lifechanging. Overall it was a bit fancier than the average taco stand, so it felt a little unsettling to get such average food, but the prices were good for the city, and the food was well-made if a bit ho-hum. The green salsa could definitely use a bit more flair. There's better places nearby, though!

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