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Taqueria Mi Tierra

Moses Lake WA

112 s ash st, moses lake WA 98837

Taqueria Mi Tierra

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Rating: 74
Price: $

After a night of camping in the Lolo National Forest and a Mexican-food dud in Montana the previous day, I woke up with a powerful hankering for some tacos. Unfortunately, tacos were just as difficult to find on Sunday at 8AM in Spokane as one would expect, so I had to wait until I got to Moses Lake around lunchtime. A sparkling oasis in terms of landscaping, agriculture, and Mexican food, Moses Lake was more or less created by the Columbia Basin Project in the mid-20th century. Thanks, Floyd!

My confidence was bolstered even more when I saw the 99-cent sign in the window of Taqueria mi Tierra as my watch struck 10:59 AM. I put in my order for three tacos (pollo, asada, and barbacoa) and enjoyed the chips, salsa, and Mexican Coke while I waited. The salsa was delicious, watery but spicy with a slight smoky flavor, and the Mexican Coke was refreshing per usual. Things were looking up! So far all signs indicated a delicious meal forthcoming.

However, the tacos showed up and – shocker of the century – they underwhelmed. The asada was a bit fatty, the chicken had a pretty bland marinade, and the barbacoa was pretty much boring. The salsa it came with was also a little too mild. Judging on the whole package, Taqueria mi Tierra would rate pretty highly (the waiter was a super friendly guy too!) but from a taco perspective alone, it was more or less a disappointment. On the whole, a trip to Taco del Rey down the street may have been more advisable.

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