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Taqueria los Paisanos

St. Paul MN

825 7th st e, st. paul MN 55106

Taqueria los Paisanos

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Rating: 90
Price: $

On a recent cross-country road trip, one of my many missions was to eat infinite tacos. This, of course, necessitated a stop in every major metropolis and the use of my handy car GPS to find a place with a good name. The fact that Taqueria los Paisanos was about a block away from the Mexican consulate was a good sign, as was the packed parking lot. When I arrived, I noticed the presence of a pupuseria across the street - my long-time favorite food - but, on this trip, tacos had priority! I got one chicken, one asada, and one pork. This was easily the most seasoned chicken I've had so far on my mission, but it worked really well. They had a green salsa that made up in spice what it lacked in flavor, and a pretty mild red salsa. The asada was pretty much perfectly cooked though it could have used a bit more flavor, and the pork was awesome but lacking in spice. Hard to find any major critique of TLP - the staff was great, the tacos delicious, and the TV playing soccer.

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