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Taqueria los Agaves (truck)

Fort Atkinson WI

s main st & s 3rd st W, fort atkinson WI 53538

Taqueria Los Agaves truck - taco review

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Rating: 86
Price: $$

The To-Go

Not sure how often this truck is here, but Taqueria los Agaves made some very satisfying post-bike-ride tacos. Desperately in need of better seating options, though.

The Sit-Down

Fighting to break out of an addictive sequence of thrilling summer improvement projects on the palatial summer estate, we decided to seek an alternative source of culture & adrenaline by heading out of Madison city limits and mounting an expedition by bicycle. Our initial destination, Cam Rock, was taken over by uncivilized philistines- some sort of organized mountain biking event was going on. Undeterred, we sallied forth towards Kettle Moraine to try the most extreme trails known to mankind.

En route, we passed a taco truck going in the opposite direction. "Interesting, my good sir," remarked Tim, "I do suspect they shall be vending their wares to the feeble gents taking over Cam Rock." We both enjoyed a hearty chuckle, imagining the weakened musculature of our competitors attempting to lift a taco to their ashen lips. We then continued our previous and highly cultured conversation about cigar & brandy pairings appropriate for fox hunts.

After an invigorating loop at Kettle Moraine, we started heading back towards the big city, discussing our preference for cornish game hen preparation (broiled or grilled?), when we encountered a shocking site in Fort Atkinson: the very same taco truck we previously saw, centered in a church parking lot just off Main St. Practically jumping out of our bowlers, we instantly arrived at the unanimous conclusion to stop and check it out.

I ended up getting 2 tacos (pastor & chorizo), a gordita (steak), and a pina Jarritos, while Tim got 2 tacos (asada & chicken) and a gordita (pastor). After a brief but not interminable wait, we received a couple styrofoam containers full of Mexican food. Both tacos had a bit of cilantro & onion on top, and the gordita also had some cheese involved. The chorizo was extremely salty, which was exactly what I was in the mood for after a sweaty mountain bike ride and a day full of aristocratic pretense. The grease was medium but not too heavy, and overall Los Agaves hit the sweet spot between excessive grease and insufficient salt. The pastor was not nearly as exciting. There was a mild marinade, but nothing particularly noteworthy - a bit of cumin, some chili powder, and some salt & pepper. The asada & pastor both seemed like good cuts of meat, well prepared - not too chewy, not overcooked - but relatively mild in flavor.

Our two salsa options were a relatively tangy green and a smoky red. The tangy green didn't have much heat to it, but an interesting flavor; the smoky red was spicier, but I'm not a smoke fan. I found that the best course of action was to combine them with a 2:1 green:red ratio, which provided both flavor and spice. I do think that Taqueria Los Agaves would have benefited greatly from a medium-spice tomato based salsa, which would fill a major hole in their selection, and help enhance the flavor of some of their milder meats.

Taqueria Los Agaves (the truck) appears to be affiliated with Los Agaves (the restaurant) in Delavan WI. While I've been to neither Delavan nor Los Agaves, I will say that my taco truck experience has encouraged me to give them a shot, should I ever be trapped in the center of the Madison-Milwaukee-Chicago triangle of taco power without recourse to one of the vertices.

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