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Taqueria Guaymas

Lynnwood WA

5919 196th ave sw, lynnwood WA 98036

Agua Verde

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Rating: 83
Price: $$$

Taqueria Guaymas (AKA Tacos Guaymas) is a Seattle-area taco-style chain. They've got 10 locations in the Seattle area, as well as a weird habit of naming different locations different things. This particular Lynnwood location has been around for a while, and survived the closing of its larger and more annoying neighbor, Guitar Center. The tacos at TG are pretty expensive ($2.25 each) but they come stacked pretty high, not to mention free chips and salsa with the meal. There's also a pretty big salsa bar featuring 5 options, limes, pico de gallo, pickled vegetables, and a few other random options.

I got an asada and a chicken taco. Interestingly, while the asada came with the standard cilantro and onions, the chicken had a pico de gallo topping. Like Taqueria's los Amigos, the chicken was strongly marinated, and nicely shredded. They marinade didn't have quite as much spice at TlA, but it was still serviceable. The asada was minced and pretty bland, as well as a bit tough. The salsas were varied, including one absolutely amazing avocado-based salsa, and one very tangy mystery salsa. None of the salsas, however, worked amazingly well with the tacos themselves. On the whole, a fun place, but not the best you can find in the Lynnwood area.

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