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Taqueria el Rinconsito

Lynnwood WA

19409 36th ave w, lynnwood WA 98036
lunch and dinner?

Agua Verde

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Rating: 78
Price: $

As you'd expect from a taqueria located in the former site of a McDonalds,Taqueria el Rinconcito has a fast-food perspective on delicious tacos, complete with a drive-thru window for easy access. It's a small chain in the Puget Sound area with 10 locations, but this is the only one I've ever been to. Very convenient for travelers heading either direction on I-5, as it's located right off the 196th off-ramp.

El Rinconsito has a big salsa bar including limes (bonus point!), with 5 salsas of varying flavors and hotnesses, but none of them really stood out as delicious. The verde was the best in my opinion (I'm a green fan) but it didn't have much flavor, and was more of a means to get spiciness into your mouth, rather than a flavor enhancer.

The tacos were small (in line with the price) and light on onions and cilantro, but the meat was good enough and, as a package, these were well-made tacos. I got one asada and one adobada, with the adobada being the better of the two. Not the spectacular quality of a place like Taqueria la Raza, but a nice choice if you're in the area and looking for a couple tacos on the cheap.

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