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Tacos Nuevo Mexico

Brooklyn NY (Sunset Park)

4410 5th ave (btwn. 44th & 45th st), brooklyn NY 11220
daily 11am-11pm

Tacos Nuevo Mexico

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Rating: 91
Price: $$$

The third stop on my debut Sunset Park bicycle-taco-quest of 2011 was Tacos Nuevo Mexico. After eating a combined total of 7 tacos at Rico's and Tulcingo, both myself and my business associates Sarah and Ben were beginning to grow rather full. And, after walking 11 blocks from Tulcingo down to Tacos Nuevo Mexico, we were also rather cold! Fortunately, as soon as we walked in the door of T.N.M. we felt welcome and warm. Of the three, T.N.M. has the best festive family vibe with a cool segmented dining room, lots of brick pillars, and a nice open kitchen. We grabbed a seat and were quickly rewarded with some (particularly vibrant) yellow chips and salsa. The salsa was run-of-the-mill, very little spice and a bit of flavor, but the chips were deliciously well-fried and good for crunching.

After a brief wait, I ordered a hot chocolate and a couple tacos: one vegetarian and one pollo enchilado. The tacos came out pretty quickly in the cone style (just like Tulcingo!). Both were well-coated in a flavorful but mild avocado-based salsa. The vegetarian taco consisted of refried beans, rice, lettuce, tomatoes, and a bit of cheese. It had a particularly interesting flavor, which I interpreted as mostly due to the beans. They were mild but tangy almost to the point of almost being sour (if you can follow what I'm saying - I'm not sure I can myself). The cheese was pretty mild, and could have used a bit more kick. On the whole (and this was similar to the avocado-bean taco from Tortilleria Nixtamal) I'm pretty sure I liked the vegetarian tacos, but I can't guarantee it.

The pollo enchilado, on the other hand, was completely delicious. As my business associate Sarah pointed out, my first chicken taco of the night happened to rank among my best. The meat itself was really tender (were it on bones, I imagine it would have fallen right off) and completely free of gristle or other nastiness. The marinade itself had a hint of peppery goodness in the aftertaste, and avoided the 'too salty' cliche often found in basic marinades. The slight spice went well with the avocado salsa as well as a smokier red salsa it came with.

On the whole, Tacos Nuevo Mexico is a great spot if you're in the neighborhood. If I were to have a going away party or a birthday and lived in the surrounding streets, I'd probably choose it. The tacos didn't quite stack up to Rico's, but the atmosphere was awesome (though it did take us a really long time to get our check and go home).

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