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Tacos Matamoros

Brooklyn NY (Sunset Park)

4508 5th ave (btwn. 45th & 46th st)
daily 9am-1am

Agua Verde

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Rating: 87
Price: $$ or $$$

Tacos Matamoros is probably the most famous of the Sunset Park taco empire. They've got a nice big restaurant with delicious drinks (top-notch Coke!!), plenty of seating, and some minor Halloween decorations. Following a trip to Isabela's on a recent Sunset Park expedition, we took a trip out to Matamoros for a quick foray into Fourthmeal.

Matamoros has an interesting taco menu, featuring 'Pequeno" tacos for $1.50 a piece and 'Grande' for $2.50. Having already eaten 1.5 tacos at Isabela's earlier that day, I opted for a couple pequeno tacos - one carne asada, and one enchilada (spiced pork). My companions ordered a couple of chicken gringo tacos, which were on a big ol' flour tortilla with sour cream, cheese, lettuce, etc., and looked totally delicious.

The two tacos came out pretty rapidly. While pequeno, they certainly weren't unreasonably small, and definitely a better deal than the standard NYC $2.50 taco. The asada was a mildly seasoned meat, though unfortunately a bit gristly. Maybe I got a bad cut, but I was unimpressed with the meat quality. The enchilada taco was good meat, but a bit overcooked so it lost a lot of its flavor, and the spice wasn't particularly strong. Could have been a standard carnitas, for all I know!!

Matamoros did an excellent job with the tortillas, though. They were a bit thicker than average, and did an excellent job staying together under the strain placed upon them. The tacos came with limes and a bit of salsa, which was slightly spicy though not too memorable in the long run. While Matamoros certainly has potential, they perhaps thrive as an all-inclusive Mexican food emporium (a very long menu with lots of good-lookin' treats) rather than a restaurant of choice for a taco specialist.

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