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Tacos el Unico

Los Angeles CA

2524 s vermont ave, los angeles CA 90007

Agua Verde

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Rating: 82
Price: $

I ventured here when visiting a couple friends at USC based solely on internet reviews. While they warned of a dangerous neighborhood and sketchy establishment, during the lunch hour nothing seemed intimidating, and it looked like El Unico had just moved into a new building, completely spotless and clean.

I ordered 3 tacos of the asada, pollo, and al pastor varieties. Prices were cheap ($1.16 each) and could have been even cheaper with Wednesday taco specials. Service was fast and clean, and the staff and fellow patrons were all friendly. The tacos were slightly smaller than what I've seen elsewhere, but my standard three taco order was still sufficient to leave me without wanting more.

The food itself was of medium quality. The tortillas were average, probably not made in house. The asada was fairly bland and oversalted, with very little of the meaty flavor remaining. The marinated chicken was mildly flavorful and unremarkable. The al pastor, however, really shined with a noticeable (but not overpowering) barbecue flavor.

Also nice about El Unico was the salsa bar. Not only did it have two fairly spicy salsas (a tangy green and a smoky red), but it also had cilantro and onions, limes, and radishes, allowing for total taco customization. My friends both had burritos, which they said were fairly unremarkable, thus further reinforcing my notion that tacos are the most wise food on our green earth. While there are certainly better tacos available in Los Angeles, this is a fine choice if you're in the neighborhood.

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