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Tacos el Idolo

New York NY (Greenwich Village)

6th ave & w 4th st, new york NY 10012
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Tacos El Idolo

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Rating: 80
Price: $$$

Having recently quit my job, I have ample time to wander the streets in these last few days before I head home to the Seattle suburbs. On a cold Saturday, I went out on a mission to pay my rent and see some Christmas lights - two of my favorite activities. After rent-paying failure (turns out the office is closed on Saturdays, as I perhaps should have guessed) and a fairly impressive Washington Square Park tree viewing, I was heading over to the subway station to check out the Columbus Circle lights and pay a visit to business associate Fred and Jessie's place. As I walked, I was vaguely contemplating life and tacos and which I enjoyed more. All of a sudden, Tacos el Idolo appeared on my side of 6th Ave, shining like a gemstone in a field of anthracite. I am fairly certain, from frequent biking along 6th Ave, that this is not a regular location for Tacos el Idolo, so good luck finding them in the future!

After several moments of needless hemming and hawing, I decided to go with one chivo (goat) taco - unfortunately, I had eaten a large quesadilla immediately before leaving the house, so I was not particularly hungry. El Idolo had a great selection of 11 different meats, as well as a big menu with some impressive deals (tamales for only $1.50!!). The options were, on the whole, more appealing than the menus at a lot of sit-down restaurants, and located much more conveniently to my current location.

The taco came out after a brief wait, garnished with lettuce, onion, and cilantro, and radishes and lime on the side. The meat was 'A' quality - adequate and average. My chivo was very salty, almost to the point that it could have been anything under there. However, it was nicely grilled (perfect for a cold day) and the flavor was boosted a lot by the addition of a lime. There were two salsa options, both potent: an overpoweringly smoky red and a sharp green with a tart aftertaste. Both were lacking in subtlety of flavor, but were a welcome addition to the taco. On the whole, El Idolo was just about average in every respect - though I will likely return to give the tamales a try.

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