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Tacos Arizas

Los Angeles CA

w sunset blvd & logan st, los angeles CA 90026
daily 5pm-12am

Agua Verde

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Rating: 81
Price: $

Tacos Arizas is just one of Los Angeles' ubiquitous taco trucks. I recently encountered them off Sunset Blvd, near the Echo Curio, where I was watching a couple mediocre bands play and was struck with a powerful hunger. Arizas was very simply decorated, with one my favorite neon signs in recent memory.

Having already had 3 tacos earlier in the day from Tacos el Unico, I didn't have a complete taco craving, but Arizas still hit the spot. I got 1 asada and 1 pollo. They came out a quickly, a bit smaller than your average taco and completely ungarnished. The truck had a salsa bar with three hot sauces, not to mention cilantro and onions, limes, and marinated onions.

The tacos themselves were of medium quality. The asada was overly salted and a bit gristly. The chicken was better, still pretty bland but with a hint of breakfast sausage flavor (strange but good). The salsas were good, two greens of varying levels of spiciness and one smoky red, but certainly nothing mind-blowing. Overall, this truck easily fulfills a taco truck's primary mission, satisfying late night taco cravings, but does not astound.

Following my tacos I returned to the concert to witness the worst band I've ever seen in my entire life play. I've blocked their name from my memory, but it was 2 small fellas from New Zealand and one of them was wearing a stupid hairband. They played very poorly improvised acoustic guitar in a small, hot room. They had a cool box that made static noises, but it was wasted on them. I hated that band. I still hate that band.

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