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Tacos & Beer

Davis CA

715 2nd st, davis CA 95616
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mon-tues 11am-10pm, weds-sat 11am-3am

Tacos & Beer

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Rating: 64
Price: $$

Tacos & Beer is located in quaint li'l Downtown Davis, a town otherwise dominated by pan-Asian cuisine. The name is simple and appealing, and the byline ('Tortillas Made Daily') caught my eye, and they had a sweet special advertised out front - 3 tacos + 1 PBR for $5. I had some time to kill waiting to head out to Sacramento and I wanted to be full for my flight, so I headed into T&B. Unfortunately, I was not outfitted with my camera, so pictures are cell-phone derived (and it's definitely not an iPhone).

The place is a nice combination sports bar and small restaurant. Coming from New York, I was shocked at how many tables and chairs there were, and also how non-frazzled the waitress seemed (she was sitting, back away from the door, and playing cell phone games). They had an okay selection of beer and an okay selection of taco fillings. I ended up going for the 4 tacos for $5 Tuesday Special, ordering 2 asada, 1 pollo, and 1 carnitas.

The tacos came out pretty quickly. The tortillas were clearly not homemade, as I saw a sack of them sitting out on the counter that mine came out of. There was a tortilla press in the back, though, so perhaps they only make larger tortillas for burritos. Either way, that was a bummer. The tacos were adorned with lettuce and tomatoes, and there was a pretty good salsa bar out - cilantro, onions, 2 salsas, jalapenos, etc. The red salsa was fairly spicy but without much flavor; the green salsa was fairly mild without much flavor.

The meats were, overall, not that good. The asada seemed more like ground beef than steak, and tasted like it was marinated in salt water (thanks, osmosis!). The carnitas was overcooked and not a great cut, so it ended up being really hard to chew. The pollo was unmemorable - not particularly good, but not noticeably bad either. On the whole, Tacos & Beer had a few more bad aspects than good, but the tacos as a whole were best off treated with an overpowering dose of onions and salsa. The beer selection looked reasonable and reasonably priced, so it could be a good place to come back to and enjoy a drink while watching basketball. Between here and Que Bueno!, this trip to the American West was not a good one, taco-wise.

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