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Tacos Chukis

Seattle WA Capitol Hill

219 broadway e, seattle WA 98102
daily 11:30 am-9 pm

Tacos Chukis (Seattle WA Capitol Hill) - taco review

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Rating: 86
Price: $$

The To-Go

Excellent house tacos, topped with a grilled pineapple - we're calling them Seattle's best until proven wrong!

The Sit-Down

Every so often, the braintrust behind will embark on an epic journey, rivaling Leif Eriksson’s discovery of the New World. Rather than the New World, though, the summer 2014 odyssey involved scouring the Mountain West for the hottest New Tacos on the market. To that end, our first stop was a one-night trip to long-appreciated taco haven Seattle WA. Several reliable signs pointed us towards Tacos Chukis as our likely grail:

  1. Tacos Chukis was strongly recommended to me by business associate Erin B during a California burrito odyssey in May;

  2. When e-mailing a group of Seattle-based friends, Chukis was selected as the meeting spot; and

  3. Upon arriving at home, my mom gave me a cut-out Seattle Times article describing the merits of Tacos Chukis.

With all this in mind, Erin C & I ventured downtown on a Monday evening to meet up with business associates Derek, Zach, Erin B, and Sarah to give Tacos Chukis a shot.

Tacos Chukis is upstairs in a weird recessed outdoor mall, and was a bit hot on an unseasonably warm Seattle day. Fortunately, they had self-serve free water, and nothing quite gets one in the mood for some tacos like a bit of sweating (and a bunch of free samples of Theo Chocolate, our pre-taco stop). After briefly surveying the menu, I placed an order for two House Tacos (mistakenly referred to by some as Super Tacos), one asada & one chicken, and one adobada mulita. The mulita was suggested by the Times as a cheaper alternative to a quesadilla, though truth-be-told nothing on the menu at Chukis would break the bank.

The two tacos, which will be the focus of our review, were simply excellent. The House Taco is a stack of everything that makes a taco great: melted cheese, meat, cilantro, guacamole, salsa, and a hunk of grilled pineapple. If memory serves, the grilled pineapple is actually a first (though we have had it as a component of pastors), and highly recommended. The tanginess of the pineapple and the spiciness of the salsa create a mind-meltingly good complement to a nice salty meat (the asada was saltier than the chicken, so I’d rank that #1). There was a wedge of lime on the side which also added to the punch; no auxiliary salsas were served, and none were necessary – the House Taco’s default salsa did the job just fine.

As a side note, my first plate convinced me that I needed to eat more, so I put in an order for the baby burrito. Both the baby burrito and the mulita were good, but neither approached the level of the House Taco – the rare taco that can truly justify a cross-country flight. Stay tuned for more chapters on our cross-country taco adventure!

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