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Speedy Taco

Eureka CA

1223 broadway, eureka CA 95501
lunch and dinner?

Agua Verde

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Rating: 80
Price: $$

Speedy Taco is a well-established truck on the road leading out of Eureka; despite this, I had to bike by at least 3 times before I successfully spotted it (hint: it's in the movie theatre parking lot). They were doing pretty brisk business when I went by, but service was still quick and friendly. I decided to order 1 asada 'speedy' taco (normal taco + lettuce and cheese), 1 pollo, and 1 adobada.

The tacos came with limes and hot sauce, though there was no salsa bar available (which I soon found to be a North Coast tradition). While I usually prefer green salsas, I did very much enjoy Speedy's smoky red salsa, which had just the right amount of kick. All three meats, however, were bland and mostly flavorless. As I was lamenting the poorly seasoned meats, I realized how easily my troubles could be solved: yet another argument for the existence of a salsa bar at every taco-serving institution!

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