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Sarah's Mexican Food

Billings MT

310 n 29th, billings MT 59101
mon-fri 11am-7pm, sat 11am-3pm, closed sun

Agua Verde

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Rating: 64
Price: $$$

While driving across the country, I always try to eat as many tacos as I possibly can. On a move from Massachusetts back to Seattle, I followed the recommendation of Roadfood (the people whose jobs I want to steal), I decided to try Sarah's in Billings MT. After a complete lack of Mexican food in North Dakota and eastern Montana, I was encouraged by the friendly-looking mural outside and the relatively.

Inside was also pleasant, though I was pretty bewildered by the whole "ordering and paying" system. This often happens to me at restaurants, though, so no strikes against Sarah there. I think the trouble is that you order directly from the kitchen, and then go pay at a register whenever you want (even though the register is between the kitchen and the entry). What should have first tipped me off was the presence of chimichangas on the menu, but I chose to overlook that and ordered a chicken taco and a shredded beef taco on "soft corn". While I waited I had some complimentary chips and salsa (options: hot [pretty good] and mild [extremely good]).

Tacos showed up in a very different form than those I previously had on my quest: an oversized novelty taco with a single tortilla featuring lettuce and cheese, nary a lime in sight. The food was fine if not spectacular, helped out by the delicious mild salsa (expert tip: combine 3 parts mild with 1 part hot for a flavor-spice combo!). While it tasted good – then again, what doesn't when you're driving around? – it definitely doesn't deserve a place in the pantheon of great mid-country taco establishments. On the plus side, there was a strawberry festival going on outside, and Billings seems like the second most fun of the large Montanan cities (behind, of course, Bozeman). And if you're around on a Sunday morning (since you won't be going to Sarah's) do your best to listen to the Lonnie Bell Show, one of the best on radio!

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