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Republic (7 Corners)

Minneapolis MN

221 cedar ave S, minneapolis MN 55454
daily 11am-1am

Republic 7 Corners (Minneapolis MN)

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Rating: 81
Price: $$$

The To-Go

Great happy hour deals on drinks, though the pork tacos were a bit boring. Excellent appetizers.

The Sit-Down

The singular flaw of the first two (2) weddings I attended as an adult was a lack of tacos. Sure, a pig roasted on a spit was delicious (thanks, Andy & MK!) and all-one-can-eat BBQ food was awesome (W2G, Zach & Erin!), but when it comes to professing vows of lifelong love, nothing "seals the deal" like a nice plate of tacos. Business associates Ben & Danielle, surely aware of this trend, got hitched at Hennepin County Government Service Center and decided to have the post-wedding celebration at a nearby restaurant, Republic (7 Corners Version).

Republic prides itself on its beer selection, which was quite good (almost to Old Fashioned standards!), and their happy hour deal is excellent - $2 off every pint. They also had a good-sized food menu, featuring lots of appetizer-type foods, as well as a few larger things (tacos included). The taco options are veggie, chicken, or pork; unfortunately, my request for a "mix-and-match" was denied, so I went for a full plate of the pork. We also communally ordered a variety of appetizers: chips & guacamole, spinach-artichoke dip, and walleye balls.

The appetizers came out pretty quickly, so in a celebratory stupor we dug in. All of them were worth ordering, especially at the rock-bottom happy hour prices. The guacamole tasted fresh and was lightly sprinkled with cheese; the complimentary chips were crispy and well salted (with a hint of pepper, as well). The walleye balls in particular were well-done - fishy and cheesy, with a nice creamy sauce. And, as always, spinach-artichoke dip is delicious, though perhaps more due to the parmesan, cream cheese, sour cream, and mayonnaise than either the spinach or artichoke.

The tacos came out shortly thereafter, with a lime wedge on the side. There were only two tacos, which was surprising, though I'm not sure exactly why - it seems like most taco places have a 3-tacos-per-plate policy, even if it's never explicitly stated. But, at happy hour prices, it does make sense to reduce the total taco load to more closely approximate the golden ratio. The tacos were on top of a couple corn tortillas, which were warmed, but still a bit chewier than I'd like. The pork itself was standard - moist and well-seasoned, in a hybrid pulled pork/carnitas style, but not particularly exciting, flavor-wise. The real bonus to these tacos was the healthy portion of guacamole ladled on top. Typically, guacamole is a price-added extra on tacos, but at Republic it's part of the standard package. The magical restorative properties of guacamole were sufficient to elevate these tacos from "average" to "pretty good". Overall, though the Republic experience was excellent, the tacos were the weakest part, thus necessitating a low score on the taco-rating spectrum.

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