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Que Grande

Arcata CA

1499 spear ave, arcata CA 95521
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Agua Verde

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Rating: 69
Price: $$$

On a Canada-San Francisco bike trip recently, Sergey and I made taco trucks our top (and only) priority. Unfortunately, taco trucks are completely absent on the Washington and Oregon coasts. Que Grande, on the northern outskirts of Arcata CA, was the first truck we saw since leaving Olympia. Our three week's worth of pent-up excitement was only slightly tempered by the extreme price ($2.50 for the most basic tacos) and the uninspiring hippie working behind the counter. As they were having a special on tamales that day, I ordered 1 asada taco and 1 chicken tamale.

As far as tacos go, at Que Grande you've got a choice between North of the Border and South of the Border. The former includes cheese and lettuce, while the latter is a traditional taco on a corn tortilla with cilantro and onions. The wait at Que Grande, was quite a bit longer than it should have been for the simplicity of our orders (Sergey ordered a couple N.O.T.B. tacos, I had 1 S.O.T.B. and a tamale), and the scenery at the truck was not much to rave about.

When the tacos did arrive, they came unfortunately without lime or salsa, though we were able to get some extra salsa on the side. The meat itself was very good, nice and flavorful with a bit of a kick. The tortillas were average, as was the salsa; a bit of spice but not much tomato-y flavor - we ended up using the Tapatio heavily instead. On the whole, this place was not the triumphant return to taco trucks we were hoping for, but rather an expensive and slow substitute. On the plus side, the did have a very vegetarian-friendly menu, and claimed to try and use local ingredients where possible.

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