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Memo's Mexican Restaurant

Seattle WA (U-District)

4743 university way ne, seattle WA 98105
open 24 hours

Memo's Mexican Restaurant

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Rating: 71
Price: $$$

As one of the U-District's (surprisingly) rare 24-hour food establishments, Memo's caters their menu to lots of young folks, late at night, often under the influence of substances. While the food may be made with more care or grace during the business day, any restaurant based around late night customers has to be reviewed as such. The ambience of the place is mixed, with a fairly young and attractive crowd counteracting the rather unpleasant and constant reading of orders over the PA system.

The food options are both classic and Americanized, featuring chimichangas, burritos, tacos, and a couple meat options. Not being very hungry on my visit, I just got a single carne asada taco. The prices are high – $2.75 for my taco alone – and the portions aren't exceptionally large. The taco itself came with some guacamole, which was a pleasant surprise, as well as pico de gallo on top. They receive approximately 50 demerit points for the lack of limes, however.

The meat itself was cooked well but evidently of low quality, being far too chewy. Bonus points, however, for keeping it that way rather than overcooking it, a classic taco-related problem. The guacamole was pleasant but not remarkable. The two salsa options were a vinegary red and a pretty spicy green. As a vinegar-hater, I happily went with the green and was pleasantly surprised by the combination of flavor and spice – plus, it worked well with their meat seasoning. On the whole, if you're looking for a late-night taco, this far surpasses Taco Bell; however, if you're looking for a meal, I'd check elsewhere first.

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