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Los Taquitos

Walla Walla WA

412 main st, walla walla WA 99362
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Los Taquitos (Walla Walla WA) - taco review

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Rating: 88.8
Price: $$

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Preamble (In Which Walla Walla, as a concept, is Introduced):

Even the most jaded of connoisseurs would notice the high density of tacos in Walla Walla, Washington. A cursory bike ride across the towns' boulevards reveals a veritable cornucopia of Mexican food; both trucks and family style restaurants pepper Walla Walla's perimeter, with the Northeastern and Southwestern edges of the downtown area bearing the lion's share of options. No doubt this author, a New York City emigre, and recent at that, will soon be numb to the charms of the West Coast Taco Abundance, but she hopes to binge wholeheartedly until the numbness sets in, so as to be fortified for the impending Southern Migration.

The first tacos consumed in Walla Walla cannot be reviewed-- the joy of consuming them was too great and at the time of this writing, the emotional effusion following those first tacos still lingers, stultifying any hope to offer a judicious consideration of their merits. Suffice to say: they were purchased from Tacos Monarca (901 West Rose Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362-1765), they consumed as the sun set in maudlin waves of fuchsia and orange (perhaps the recent chickpea fire lent an especially potent particle grist for the sun's rays to rest upon, perhaps sunsets in Walla Walla are always a showy affair), and they were as good as all get out. It was at Tacos Monarca that I first discovered the Walla Walla taco, which will be discussed in the following review.

Review (In Which Los Taquitos Serves Medium Quality Tacos at Medium Low Prices and the author is Quite Satisfied):

Los Taquitos provided my companion Vince Booth, a true Western Pickler, and myself, a measly Pickle-packer in training, a nourishing, enjoyable experience, albeit considerably less heady than our visit to Tacos Monarca. Located at the broad crossroads of West Main and 6th Avenue, adorned with three folding chairs (occupied at the time of our visit by the proprietor and his family; he was resting post "dialysis") and swaddled in ample parking (what good thing, as we watched two green minivans make desultory use of this gravel lot pre- and post- purchase of tacos), Los Taquitos embodies the convenience the modern, liberal man strives for. We ordered six tacos total, three carne asada, one adobadas, and two Walla Wallas. The tacos were adequately stuffed, the cilantro and red onions finely chopped, and the limes present. The quality of the asada was quite low; the meat was dry yet chewy. The adobadas was not spicy or complex enough to be of further note. The green salsa however, was both creamy and smokey with a mild yet incredibly pleasant heat. Basically, everything was tasty, but what was really going on at Los Taquitos were the Walla Walla tacos.

First of all, what is a Walla Walla taco? A Walla Walla taco appears to generally consist of the following choice ingredients: asada, cheese, onions, and avocado. Second of all, how were the Walla Walla tacos? Los Taquitos' version involved lightly cooked Walla Walla sweet onions, heaps of bland white cheese, under-ripe avocado slices, and the same asada enjoyed in the carne and adobadas tacos. Prodigious in quantity (nigh on double the quantity filling the other tacos), and somewhat magical in sum, the Walla Walla tacos hum when sauced generously. In a sentence, Los Taquitos is a solid, easily accessible taco refueling option, especially if you are in a minivan.

Price: $$ (1.50 for all tacos, with a wide selection available)
Rating: 88.8
Location: 412 Main Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362. 509-529-2968

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