Los Caporales

Walla Walla WA

925 w main st, walla walla WA 99362

Los Caporales

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Rating: 93.8
Price: $$

brilliant colleague nell contributes another guest review from the far west!

How to Excoriate a First Impression Real Quick, and How to Enjoy Humble Pie (Los Caporales):

Expectations are king, right? In Walla Walla, having visited and enjoyed walla walla tacos (wwt) at three of three Mexican restaurants, and respecting the idea of wwt to the utmost degree, it may be reasonable, at the very least, forgivable, to expect wwt from all Mexican restaurants. But these are unreasonable times. To be clear, I came, I assumed, and an ass of me was made (no walla wallas to be found here). As may be the Los Caporales motto: Stay on your toes, fair pilgrim, this ain’t your typical Walla Walla Taco-Truck.

To add insult to injury, I was promised that these were to be dollar tacos, and upon having trekked down to Rose and 13th only to find this promise to be spurious (Los Caporales, in tune with Walla Walla price range, currently sling their tacos at 1.50 a pop, although the different shade of dry-erase marker makes it clear this was not always the case), my dreams were discomfited to say the very least.

In a sour mood, I hemmed and hawed, unsure and surly. V. Booth offered a way out (“ we could go… somewhere else?!”) but I felt a real sense of dedication to my readers. If this truck really was so offensive, well, the world should know.

According to my boss, the reputable V. Booth, Los Caporales is the new truck in town. Perhaps the $1 dollar a taco price was merely the oldest trick in the book: lure 'em in with low prices, get 'em hooked, and then up the prices (when they least expect 'em to rise). Equally deceiving was the sign advertising $1 Horchata (they had none). (Editor's note: this technique is alternately known as the swoop and squat, if you work at allstate, or the bait and switch, if you shop on craigslist; it is similar in ideology but not practice to the 'toot it and boot it'). Harumph, indeed. I think this is all the slander I can think to write about Los Caporales, so let me get to the (delicious, nutritious, and humbling) point.

In low spirits, we slunk around to the back (a very safe chain-link fence surrounded patio, with ample rain/sun covering), fortified with two types of salsa, V. Booth with an asada burrito and me with a typical triumvirate (asada, adobadas, pollo). V. Booth promptly buried his face in burrito (a veritable steal at 4.50), emerging only to guide me towards the green salsa which practically sung of fresh tomatillos and was hands down, the best salsa I’ve had in Walla Walla. The red unfortunately tasted overwhelmingly of dried peppers, but who cares? Green for the permanent, every lasting win!

My tacos came with a hefty chunk of lime and a lovely pile of radishes (Aha, I see, the new truck in town is apparently pro-vitamins, pro-swagger!). The onions were white, and plentiful, as was the cilantro. All three meats were well spiced yet slightly dry. The asada was the most forgettable, the pollo was served with fried onions and green peppers, and the adobadas, fatty and swooning in complex flavors, took the cake. Totally delicious, I was forced to admit. (V. Booth declared his the best burrito in town, and indeed, just a bite of his amazing deal reminded me of the goodness of a bean. Sam, I think this is my final review).

The tacos, in a sentence? Daang tasty, this here humble-pie that Los Caporales forced me to eat, daang tasty.

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