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Lily's Tacos

Pomona CA

2128 n garey ave, pomona CA 91767
lunch and dinner

Agua Verde

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Rating: 96
Price: $

During my later years at Pomona College, I did a lot of taco-based exploration of the surrounding neighborhoods. While the student favorite was pretty much a consensus for Patty's, I've always taken issue with their lack of respect for the customers (though I certainly can't complain about the food). With that in mind, I've generally gone to Juanita's when looking for cheaper Mexican food, and Los Jarritos II when in the mood for a restaurant. On a brief trip back to Claremont recently, I was informed on three separate occasions that I simply must try Lily's, a small stand near Los Jarritos II.

When I showed up at Lily's with some friends from KSPC, I realized that I had previously been there, and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, as that was during my personal 'nether years' (back when I was ordering burritos everywhere) I couldn't remark on the quality of the tacos. Determined to rectify this, I got three tacos: 1 asada, 1 pollo, and 1 al pastor (they were, unfortunately, out of lengua at the time). When you order you get a choice between mild and hot salsa; naturally, I chose the hot.

The tacos arrived after a slightly longer-than-expected wait (though certainly not outrageous) with a few chips with beans and salsa on the side. Whetting my appetite on the chips while waiting for my friends to receive their food, I realized I was in for a treat; these were some of the best refried beans I had ever consumed.

The tacos themselves were of excellent quality. I started with the asada per protocol, and had an extremely delicious experience. It was well-seasoned with a bit of a peppery taste, and not too much gristle. The salsa was spicy but flavorful, though I would have liked to get some more on the side to up the quantity a bit. Unfortunately, the pollo was a slight step back. The chicken was a bit dry and could have used some more flavor. The al pastor was a nice middle ground, slightly overcooked and lacking in flair but still packing a bit of a punch.

Overall, Lily's is an excellent stop. Truly some of the best asada I've had, not to mention some of the most delicious beans. Plus, it's right across the street from the military surplus store, so you can stock up on camouflage clothing post-meal!!

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