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Seattle WA (Capitol Hill)

928 12th ave, seattle WA 98122
tacos available tuesday 5pm-12am (though they may sell out). bar is open mon-thurs 5pm-12am, fri-sat 5pm-1am.


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Rating: 86
Price: $

I was tipped off to this taco place by my mom. Deceptively, it isn't actually a taco place - more of a classy bar (the sort of place in which I have not the experience to know the vocabulary to describe properly), where house cocktails are $10. On Tuesday evenings, however, something magical happens - they sell $1 tacos. As a bonus, during happy hour, 5-7PM, the drinks are half-price. The Seattle Times wrote up Licorous a while ago, and they claim that the tacos sell out later in the evening; indeed, myself and business associates Skye and Jeff were the first people there at 4:50PM, but by the time we left at around 6:30 the place was full.

Licorous is the sort of place that thinks they know what you want. Taco-wise, your only option is 'How many?'. The taco essence of the taco is a nice and tender pulled pork with plenty of seasoning. It retains a porky flavor, but not overwhelmingly so. The pork is topped with cabbage and cotija cheese. As an accompaniment, there is a rich tomato-y salsa that is light on the spice but nice and flavorful. It seems that they've spent years honing the ratio of the taco's 3 constituent ingredients to the single corn tortilla, lightly flavorful. While the lack of options is somewhat constraining, I really can't complain because they make the tacos well. The only trick is that the tacos are quite small. Between the three of us, I believe we downed 18 tacos - 6 for myself, 12 for my business associates - and I could have kept going (though I certainly would have entered the stage of discomfort soon). For comparison, my standard taco order is 3 tacos, and at most places that leaves me pleasantly full.

Interestingly (perhaps because of how many they crank out) Licorous serves their tacos cold. And, what's more, they keep their restaurant cold. It was a Seattle January evening but not a particularly cold one. Outdoor temperatures were hovering in the upper 30s, and inside the restaurant did not feel all that much warmer. And, through some fluke of restaurant design, it was actually colder inside the bathroom than it was outside. We kept our hats and jackets on for the meal and took warmth from our fancy tequila-based drinks (and the knowledge that soon we'd return to the shelter of my car, the TacoMobile).

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