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Chicago IL

1865 n milwaukee ave, chicago IL 60647
mon-sat 11:30am-9:30pm

Agua Verde

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Rating: 81
Price: $$$

As you may have noticed, Irazu is technically a Costa Rican restaurant, so the food (and taco) expectations were quite different from your average taqueria. First and foremost, they had an oatmeal shake, which was the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted after 30 miles of biking. The shake alone is worth a return trip to Irazu. It was vaguely similar to horchata and hyper-refreshing. Secondly, the atmosphere was very nice, eating outside at a BYOB (though we forgot to B a B) on a perfectly temperatured afternoon. The service was excellent and friendly, and the customers all seemed very pleased.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, however, the tacos were a bit nontraditional. For one, from my experience in Costa Rica, tacos aren’t really available – mostly just casados (plates of meat with gallo pinto [rice and beans]) and various delicious fruit juices. So the question became, what nation are they imitating? The tacos have the classic two-tortilla style, piled with shredded and marinated meats, and were covered with lettuce, tomatoes, and pickled peppers – a strange Mexican/American hybrid. The salsa was a medium amount of spice and a medium amount of flavor, but interacted harshly with the pickled vegetables.

Overall the tacos were good, but didn't quite compare with your average taqueria-style meal. If you take the atmosphere and oatmeal shake into account, their rating will definitely rise.

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