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El Carreton

Shoreline WA

aurora ave n & n 165th st, shoreline WA 98133
mon-sun 10am-10pm

Agua Verde

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Rating: 87
Price: $

El Carreton is a nicely decorated truck on the side of Aurora in Shoreline. For those not in the know, Aurora is the street to cruise if you are looking for taco trucks (or prostitutes, or casinos, or auto repair shops). El Carreton was recommended to me by my friend Joe, who spent quite a few years working down the street and was a regular customer. I'd been a couple years ago and remembered eating the best veggie tacos of my life (and this was post-California-life) so I was eager to return as a non-vegetarian and sample the meat selection.

El Carreton's got a big selection of Mexican food, but (as with any Mexican restaurant) the choice was clear. I ordered 2 tacos, 1 asada and 1 pollo, and my friend Mallory got 2 veggie tacos. We were the only customers at about 7:00 PM on a Monday night, so the service was quick. The tacos came out garnished with cilantro and onions, hot sauce, lime on the side, and a pickled pepper. There was one salsa option, a spicy smoky red salsa on the side. The veggie tacos are stacked with beans and rice, cheese, lettuce, avocado, and sour cream and limes on the side.

While the asada was well-seasoned, the meat was not a choice cut. It was thin and didn't hold the flavor well. The pollo was better, nice and juicy with a zesty marinade. Still, though, I found myself jealous of Mallory's veggie tacos. Perhaps veggie tacos are not the traditional test of a taco truck's mettle, but nonetheless the highlight at El Carreton. The tortillas were standard, and the pickled peppers were spicy. Both types of tacos found themselves improved with the addition of El Carreton's salsa, an especially spicy red salsa with just a hint of smoky flavor.

On a side note, El Carreton had a separate bus with bar-style seating for taco consumption, and within this bus was both a compost bin (sadly misused by our fellow patrons) and a recycle bin. Tacos were also served on paper plates rather than styrofoam. So, El Carreton gets a couple bonus points for being the rare taco-truck with eco-sensibilities.

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