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Dia de Pesca

San Jose CA

55 n bascom ave, jan jose CA 95128
sun-thurs 10:30-8:30, fri-sat 10:30-9

Dia de Pesca (San Jose CA)- taco review

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Rating: 91
Price: $$$ - $$$$

Though Wisconsin has a strong fish-consumption culture, that has unfortunately not translated to heavy fish taco consumption on my part. The one place I've noticed that advertises a "fish fry" taco is closed, and the grass growing up through the cracks in the parking lot are evidence that it has been shut down for a while. Despite a general preference for terrestrial meats, has enjoyed great fish tacos in the past. During a trip to the West Coast with other aims, I took the opportunity to sample some tacos that came highly recommended by Silicon Valley business associate, Carly.

The tacos are broadly split into two classes: "si" food and meat. The "si" food tacos are slightly more expensive, but clearly the house specialty; there are 9 different "si" creatures to choose some, many of which can be either grilled or breaded. For those not partial to "si" food, there are also 5 classic meats, including a specialty called chickenitza. I ended up ordering 2 fish tacos - one tilapia and one halibut, both grilled - and 1 meat taco, the chickenitza.

As a non-"si"-food-connoisseur, I personally failed to distinguish much difference between the tilapia and the halibut. The size of the fish chunks was slightly different between the two, but both were tender and fell apart in the hand/mouth. Fish has a mild taste, and it carried the flavor of the toppings pretty strongly. I found myself wishing I had gone for the classic breaded-style fish taco, because there's no denying that I love breaded foods. I ended up using some Yucateco to spice up the fish. The chickenitza was also very good, and came with a bonus peanut sauce. The chicken was excellent, though the flavor of the marinade was not particularly strong; like the fish, it was a bit mild for my tastes, though I certainly can't complain about the quality or preparation of the meat. The peanut sauce added a bit of pleasant nuttiness.

We also got chips, with both salsa and guacamole. The chips themselves were excellent. They were thin and crispy, with a particularly strong corn flavor. The salsa and guacamole were also both excellent, and the salsa was both good and similar to a recent experience back in Madison - tomato-y and spicy, without an overwhelmingly smoky flavor, and really delicious.

As an added bonus, most surfaces found at Dia de Pesca are aesthetically pleasing. The sign is of a "old-timey" variety, with the old-and-bold style of movable type. The tables are concrete with colorful mosaics depicting relevant things such as the Raiders logo. The parking lot is offset from the road with large cacti, and the outdoor seating area is nicely shaded and well landscaped. Overall, I'd rate the experience at Dia de Pesca a highly positive and pleasant one. It's a great place to sit down and relax on a pleasant patio while enjoying some mild-but-well-prepared tacos. While I can't guarantee a return trip (there are an awful lot of taco spots in California that need reviewing), Dia de Pesca is a great place for a family taco outing.

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