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California Tacos

Olympia WA

2410 harrison ave nw, olympia WA 98502
mon-sun 7am-8pm

Agua Verde

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Rating: 83
Price: $

I stopped at California Tacos on a rainy day of bicycling, starting in Hoodsport and ending (after riding through the rain for many hours) at a Denny's in Chehalis WA. In between, we made a stop in Olympia to look at the capitol and eat some tacos. At California Tacos, a very nicely decorated truck on Harrison, I got 2 tacos (1 asada 1 pollo) and rice and beans (got to have those carbs).

The tacos came out quickly and were well-garnished. They came with limes on the side and two salsas (green and red). Unfortunately, neither of the salsas were compelling. The green salsa was weak, bland, and without much flavor. The red salsa was spicier but still not an enjoyable flavor. The base of the taco, however, was very good: the asada was delicious, the pollo was reasonably spiced, and the tortillas were simple and excellent. As a salsa fanatic, I'm loathe to rate them highly, but they deserve it in all other regards.

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