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Antonio's Tacos

Gualala CA

38820 s. hwy 1, suite 104, gualala CA 95445
breakfast, lunch, dinner


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Rating: 88
Price: $$

Antonio's was a welcome sight for Sergey and I after biking 60 miles on a cold, misty North Coast day. Just a couple miles north of our camp at Gualala Regional Park and with a pack of fellow bicyclists on our tail, we decided to get meals to go and set up camp before eating. Antonio's was a very pleasant, family-run place, however, located on the north end of town and well worth the stop.

I ended up getting 1 asada and 1 pollo taco to go with my rice and beans. Both meats were pretty bland, though the asada taco had a bit of a smoky flavor. Perhaps Antonio's should be excused, though, because their salsa bar was amazing. Antonio clearly knows how to blend various ingredients into unique and delicious salsas - I can picture him leaning over a large cauldron stirring with an oversized novelty spoon. There were 6 varieties, including a spicy avocado-based salsa (my favorite) and a unique (and mildly mind-blowing) red salsa with a sour aftertaste. Also notable were a mellow pico de gallo and a pretty good smoky red salsa.

On the whole, the bland meat-great salsa combination is certainly better than the opposite. The rice and beans satisfied, though they weren't anything of particular note. Considering the location (California's North Coast), it's hard to find anything better than Antonio's nearby, and they certainly make an enjoyable meal. For top tier tacos, however, you'll have to look elsewhere.

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