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Agua Verde Cafe & Paddle Club

Seattle WA (U-District)

1303 ne boat st, seattle WA 98105
mon-fri 11am-9pm, sat 9am-9pm, sun 9am-8pm

Agua Verde

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Rating: 76
Price: $$$$

Agua Verde Cafe & Paddle Club is one of Seattle's best-located restaurants. Waterfront outdoor seating, combined with kayak rentals, make it an enjoyable place to stop in the U-District on a sunny day. Also pretty close to the Burke Gilman Trail, which is how I accessed it on a sunny Friday afternoon.

The menu is pretty broad, with a nice selection of fancy-style tacos. I ordered the carne, and also ended up trying my mom's boniato (yam) ones. As you can see, the prices are pretty steep in comparison with some of the other places I've traveled to so far. The tacos themselves are pretty gentrified, and also a total scam - three corn tortillas overlapping and covered with enough fillings for two of the tortillas. (That's how they get ya!)

The meat itself was a little bland, no lime accompaniment, and toppings included grilled peppers and onions as opposed to the classic cilantro and onion combination. The salsa bar had three options: green, sweet red, and smoky red. All the salsas (including the smoky red) had a weird sweet vibe to them, and they didn't work well with the unseasoned meat. Overall, a pretty boring taste experience, but about what you would expect from a place full of white people that serves tacos at $8 a plate.

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