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27.mar.2014 - chronicling life as a taco bell breakfast menu consumer

25.apr.2012 - doritos + taco bell = who's on first?

24.nov.2011 - judgment and the foundations of taste RE taco-flavored doritos: how disingenuous is imitation?

28.jul.2011 - tacos in the 'old world'; or, europe's failed attempt to appropriate mexican cuisine.

21.may.2011 - DEBUT LIVEBLOG: how to eat a 4 lb burrito and accompanying photoessay

17.dec.2010 - what am i eating? comparing and contrasting tacos, pupusas, and quesadillas.

pretty soon i'll write some more articles

potential future topics:

-i'm about to eat tacos for the first time. what should i expect?

-taco bell cantina style tacos: 'til death do us part

-i'm thirsty and need a beverage! (an inquiry into the world of taco-related liquids)

-clean plate club background: the what, when, why, and whoops!